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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Agree to Disagree

Be it marriage  equality, climate  change, coal fire  power stations , immigration to name just a few  topics of enormous debate currently..

My hope is with this and with any discussion though  that friendships  are not based on everyone  agreeing all of the time.
It would  be terribly  sad if we get to the stage no one one comments and no one  opens any discussion  in fear of disagreeing.

Agree or disagree  we are so very fortunate  to live in an amazing  country  where everyone has every right to disagree within  the boundaries  of the law  without fear of being  ostracised or even physically  being beaten ...

Food  for thought...
Wishing everyone  peace & respect...even if I may not  agree with you  lol

God  bless

Thursday, March 30, 2017

#1 Fallacy - Parents take note

#1 Fallacy
Pulling your kids out of martial  arts will give them  more time  to focus on study and school?

As well  intentioned parents maybe  this  is the biggest single mistake any parent could make without a doubt!

It's well documented  the benefits of good exercise...martial arts takes that exercise to another level developing habits for  life such as Focus, Discipline  and the "will" to succeed!
Yes  they need to "harden" up.
Do you not think  your child  needs these attributes  to succeed academically?

Over 35 years  I have zero doubt they do  as the best students  in martial arts all became great students  in study..its No coincidence

A good martial arts school is part of your child's  study  success formula

Friday, May 06, 2016

Whats my motivation?

My motivation?
If you are motivated solely by money you are in the wrong business!

I worked 4 jobs for 12 years to ensure my family are ok and I can enjoy my martial arts guilt free and ensure there is never any money pressures at the school. I never wanted to look at students as $$$$$

For the first 6 years of me running my own school I did not see a single cent..more often than not I paid the rent out of my own pocket and even got a loan on behalf of my instructor...I did all that I could for him as a loyal student.

I never want or expect that for my students and have always offered to pay.

Yes I do want more students and that's not because I want more money but simply because after 34 years I love & believe in what I do!

I had someone say to me the other day they have made a lot of blackbelts for
Firstly you got paid and getting a black belt is all about the student not me, am I wrong?

Money is important but not more important than people ..
Not more important than loyalty and friendships!

Maybe I am just old school but I believe it's good school. ..I will make sure everyone that teaches for me is in the same school not just physically but mentally.

My passion is to teach and help..always was and always will be....

Sadly more and more people want to open martial arts schools with the number 1 motivation being $$$.

It should be a passion to teach and change lives by producing amazing martial arts students and as a consequence of doing a great job the money comes...

Yes the money comes well after not before! 

Martial Arts For Life

Valuing Older people

 " I raised 4 kids in one room.  Today My children now have 4 houses but do not have a room for me "
                               Translated the message is clear. ..more respect for our elders is needed.

Have times changed the value of elders , the value of family?

It's why I love the martial arts as Respect & Loyalty to family are not only taught but promoted first and foremost.

I just dont' see schools teaching such values and as such the role martial arts schools play in everyday loves is becoming more & more important

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Don't let fear stand in the way of a great result

I don't  want to watch matches where fighters are so afraid to lose they avoid the fight or simply hold and stall with no plan or motivation to take the fight to them.

I love it when MMA fighters or when two BJJ competitors with the potential and ability to put on a hell of a show deliver and really do amazing stuff..everyone congratulations the loser as much as the winner! 

So if you are going to compete then dam well go for it! 

Losses happen like it or not so let people see what you can do. It's an old cliche  but it's so true  "fortune favours the brave".... 
You will create more chances and you will win the crowd and feel so much better knowing YOU gave it your all.

I teach my students to believe in themselves and conquer  their every fight and in every day of their lives.

There is nothing worse than choking with fear and not letting fly with your abilities; deciding your destiny and the result is so much better than leaving it to the judges.

"Don't let fear stand in the way of a great result"

Check out  Martin Nguyen's last fight in Manila....our fight pholosophy in action

Great excitement and a even more amazing result
  "Martin Nguyen (def ) Vs Li Kai Wen (TKO punches) 
          ONE Championship 41" on YouTube

                                                                               Fari Salievski
                                                        Martial arts Teacher - Mentor - Fight Trainer

Monday, January 04, 2016

Hapkido Combatives "Art in Action"

Sometimes words are not needed....."Art In Action"

My lifes' work can be seen through my students

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Everyone wants to beat the Champion

For every champion there is someone training to dethrone you....
I as many am still in shock Rousey lost but this girl did not just appear out of no where! 
I am still a Rousey fan and am sure she will soon be preparing to do what was done to her, the challenge of competitive sport is beautiful and will bring out the very best for us to marvel and enjoy.
Check out the video and we can all only image the work that went into getting into the cage let alone winning

click on the link

Sick Extremists

Everyone at UFC193 stood up for a minute silence in support of Paris. ...sick extremists do not represent any religion or people, they have no place in our society and will never win.

Ronda Rousey

I love the competitive sport.  of MMA... ..
I may not like the result always though but thats as the say is the challenge of this and any sport.
One thing for certain the nasty side of people comes out the moment someone is beat or down.
Disappointing aspect of what sadly has become the norm of modern life, for me the disgraceful
comments written by so many and the so called funny Memes are a reflection of the lack of values
and certainly for mine mean one thing ;
   No Class!

Living legends recommend KMA

My 33rd year of teaching and its wonderful that not only our students love KMA but
the very many living legends from across the globe are more than happy to visit and
endorse all that we do and offer....

Liverpool City's No1 Martial Arts School
So many have visited KMA and they all loved it!