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Friday, May 06, 2016

Whats my motivation?

My motivation?
If you are motivated solely by money you are in the wrong business!

I worked 4 jobs for 12 years to ensure my family are ok and I can enjoy my martial arts guilt free and ensure there is never any money pressures at the school. I never wanted to look at students as $$$$$

For the first 6 years of me running my own school I did not see a single cent..more often than not I paid the rent out of my own pocket and even got a loan on behalf of my instructor...I did all that I could for him as a loyal student.

I never want or expect that for my students and have always offered to pay.

Yes I do want more students and that's not because I want more money but simply because after 34 years I love & believe in what I do!

I had someone say to me the other day they have made a lot of blackbelts for
Firstly you got paid and getting a black belt is all about the student not me, am I wrong?

Money is important but not more important than people ..
Not more important than loyalty and friendships!

Maybe I am just old school but I believe it's good school. ..I will make sure everyone that teaches for me is in the same school not just physically but mentally.

My passion is to teach and help..always was and always will be....

Sadly more and more people want to open martial arts schools with the number 1 motivation being $$$.

It should be a passion to teach and change lives by producing amazing martial arts students and as a consequence of doing a great job the money comes...

Yes the money comes well after not before! 

Martial Arts For Life

Valuing Older people

 " I raised 4 kids in one room.  Today My children now have 4 houses but do not have a room for me "
                               Translated the message is clear. ..more respect for our elders is needed.

Have times changed the value of elders , the value of family?

It's why I love the martial arts as Respect & Loyalty to family are not only taught but promoted first and foremost.

I just dont' see schools teaching such values and as such the role martial arts schools play in everyday loves is becoming more & more important

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Don't let fear stand in the way of a great result

I don't  want to watch matches where fighters are so afraid to lose they avoid the fight or simply hold and stall with no plan or motivation to take the fight to them.

I love it when MMA fighters or when two BJJ competitors with the potential and ability to put on a hell of a show deliver and really do amazing stuff..everyone congratulations the loser as much as the winner! 

So if you are going to compete then dam well go for it! 

Losses happen like it or not so let people see what you can do. It's an old cliche  but it's so true  "fortune favours the brave".... 
You will create more chances and you will win the crowd and feel so much better knowing YOU gave it your all.

I teach my students to believe in themselves and conquer  their every fight and in every day of their lives.

There is nothing worse than choking with fear and not letting fly with your abilities; deciding your destiny and the result is so much better than leaving it to the judges.

"Don't let fear stand in the way of a great result"

Check out  Martin Nguyen's last fight in Manila....our fight pholosophy in action

Great excitement and a even more amazing result
  "Martin Nguyen (def ) Vs Li Kai Wen (TKO punches) 
          ONE Championship 41" on YouTube

                                                                               Fari Salievski
                                                        Martial arts Teacher - Mentor - Fight Trainer