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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Everyone wants to beat the Champion

For every champion there is someone training to dethrone you....
I as many am still in shock Rousey lost but this girl did not just appear out of no where! 
I am still a Rousey fan and am sure she will soon be preparing to do what was done to her, the challenge of competitive sport is beautiful and will bring out the very best for us to marvel and enjoy.
Check out the video and we can all only image the work that went into getting into the cage let alone winning

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Sick Extremists

Everyone at UFC193 stood up for a minute silence in support of Paris. ...sick extremists do not represent any religion or people, they have no place in our society and will never win.

Ronda Rousey

I love the competitive sport.  of MMA... ..
I may not like the result always though but thats as the say is the challenge of this and any sport.
One thing for certain the nasty side of people comes out the moment someone is beat or down.
Disappointing aspect of what sadly has become the norm of modern life, for me the disgraceful
comments written by so many and the so called funny Memes are a reflection of the lack of values
and certainly for mine mean one thing ;
   No Class!

Living legends recommend KMA

My 33rd year of teaching and its wonderful that not only our students love KMA but
the very many living legends from across the globe are more than happy to visit and
endorse all that we do and offer....

Liverpool City's No1 Martial Arts School
So many have visited KMA and they all loved it!