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Friday, October 29, 2010

Life is good

Recently there have been deaths fairly close to our family,I have seen people become victims of fraud to the tune of $500,000 and I have been through a tax audit....but life is good.

Fact is there is no life without problems but as they say it's all about how you handle them!

Many would place money before their health ,then at the moment when death is near then they would readily sacrifice all their wealth and belongings in exchange for life.

The moral of the story.....value your life and health when you have it and do all to protect and maintain it.When in the best of health you have the freedom of choice, sadly it's not appreciated by many until their choices are taken away from them.

Money ,houses and cars can all be replaced....value life and remember everyday above ground is a great day.
Life is good,it's very good.

Friday, September 24, 2010

It's all about respect

"No one cares how much you know , they want to know how much you care"

No truer words have been spoken!

The martial arts industry is filled with some great people, its also filled with some arrogance as a result of their level of black belt or their fighting record.Who cares?

I don't care if you can kick my butt or if you have never had a fight at all, everyone deserves respect.

Why would you want to spend time with or worse still spend money on such people!

Filling your life with the right kind of people is essential, for me I am very protective to ensure I have a peaceful and stress free life. If They don't make the grade its simple just ignore and isolate those that want to drain your energy like blood sucking vampires.

This is my first line of self defence,
saying "No" to those vampires.

Love life,love martial arts!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recent fathers day

Late blog but it is still on my mind.

"master Fari I never really had a dad and I look to you as my father figure"

"master Fari I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are to many young men on this fathers day"

These were just some of so many comments,I have not been perfect but as I grow older my responsibilities as a teacher become more and more important.

It is not something I take lightly and its something I am aware each of in everything I do.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Are going to finish strong?


" do not bite the hand that feeds you "

" look after those that bring you success"

" be loyal to those that have stood the test of time"

All cliches and you would think they are common sense and they would be the case without having too much thought yet there will be those that will do the opposite.


Greed,no one will notice,I have enough credits that will sneak it through,I can bluff it? Hmm....whatever the excuse or whatever the reason its not right,furthermore there is never any justification in doing the wrong thing by people that actually care for you.

There is a price to pay ofcourse. It can take a lifetime to build a relationship,a lifetime to build a reputation and one second to destroy it.Is the possible gain worth the cost?

I dont think so! Make the choice,bare the responsibility.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American Top Team

Heading off today,its only a week but it seems such a long time.

As a person of habit flying is a routine killer plus I do not like being away from KMA at all.

It is all about the training though and what I can bring back for our team that is currently enjoying an unbeaten run.

Stay tuned for my travels and training as we live the Kaizan philosophy of constant & never ending improvement.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Amazing weekend

You may say the highlight of the weekend was our first title win,that was great but to be honest I am happier for Corey who trains so hard realising some major goals. Its all about my students realisng their potential...

For me last nights wedding of Zayed was of lifes significance.

He is a student and friend and if ever I have realised my role in the lives of my students it was last night.So many came up to me thanking me for the support and change I have made in the life of this amazing man.many parents also came up to me to say hello and thank me for helping their sons.

This group of boys were certainly wild and unfocused once upon a time,their lives have changed dramatically for has mine.

I am truly humbled and I dont think I can put into words what I am feeling or thinking today.

Life is good,life is a great responsibility with all those we come into contact with.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Its time...MMA title fight

I had never planned to train fighters,it was not even something I would have imagined of doing.So why am I doing it?

It's all about supporting my students!

Whatever their training goals are then I need to support them,it builds on their martial arts and it is my responsibility to ensure they get the best training to ensure they do not get seriously hurt and obviously we want to win.

Today Corey Nelson is making KMA history with our first title shot tonight.

We have prepared,we are ready and now its time....destiny awaits.