Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who is important to you?

Currently in Thailand enjoying the beach lifestyle in Phuket.

Did my big walk and you reflect as you do ......what is my absolute pet hate?
Treating or talking to a mere acquaintance very differently than the people that are very close to you!

As a child I would be so confused as to why you save " that " dining room or "that" living room  for the special guests or relatives?  Is your family not more important? Is the very best for them not more important?

Facebook is an amazing medium to stay in touch,motivate &'s also a way to watch , listen & learn and perhaps evaluate human nature. Hypocrisy and weaknesses and inconsistencies are clearly highlighted.

So what's the moral of the story?

Hmmm wishing everybody a great day but not wishing those dear to you is well.....just not right..
Terms of endearment  to mere strangers yet overlooking those near and dear to you....well that is just plain dumb.

Everyone is an adult and you can do what you want....overlooking those near you maybe a careless oversight but one thing for certain never take for granted those that have proven themselves overtime through loyalty and love.

Loyalty unappreciated is loyalty lost

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Matt Klein said...

Some excellent food for thought my friend! Enjoy your time in Thailand.