Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life is as good as you make it

I had an absolutely great weekend!

Yes I was pleased that Corey "Major" Nelson won his 10th MMA bout. Although I am so very happy for Corey's well deserved result it is about much much more.

We had a great support team that included Shabe Kafo,Richard Sargeant,Grant Jones,our official strapper was even there Ms Kathryn and the man Brian Ebersole!

How did we celebrate?  well it was in the early hours of the morning we ended up sitting in a great cafe called " Chappelli's" shared a great meal and simply chatted about people and about KMA. It was unusual how we ended up on this line of praising and we celebrated not just the win but how we are all surrounded by great people and training to win in the game of life.

Our lives could have turned out so differently without the martial arts, but hey here we are!

Life is more than good, its great simply because we made the right choices!

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