Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real success is longevity

Wow it's been  a while a while since my last blog...with so much facebook it's been neglected, my apologies.

Whitney Houston passed away this week and truly a wasted talent. I went to a Rod Stewart concert the other night and he is well into his 60's.

I could not help but marvel at the sell out crowd and at how much fun he was having, he was in great shape and shared his stage appearance with his family. Still rocking and still enjoying life!

In martial arts I have some great role models....Ernie Reyes Snr in his mid 60's and still in amazing shape, check out Joon Rhee  doing a workout who is into his 80's and it's WOW.

Many people ask me about success and I have to say real success is long lasting and as I am about to turn 47 I am so grateful that I can enjoy each and everyday with some fantastic people in an industry I love so much...the martial arts.

Wishing you longevity

Martial Arts For Life

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