Sunday, May 06, 2012

Just another excuse?

Avoid the  phrase  I don't have time... "will help you realise you don't have time needed for just about everything you choose to accomplish in life"

2012 is My 30th year of teaching and you can only imagine the excuses I have heard over this amazing journey!

I don't have time has to be up there and YES it is just another excuse.If there is a will there is always a way...if you did not have time to stop for fuel what would happen to you car? But that's different I hear you say?
Your body is your car,your vehicle for life and so many don't have time,what is scary I have seen many have a major health scare and all of a sudden they find time to change their lifestyle habits.

They are the lucky ones; for some it's just too late.....moral of the story?

Stop making excuses and make positive life changes when in good health to maintain and improve it...let it be YOU to decide your lifestyle choices not your unfortunate circumstances!

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