Monday, May 07, 2012

Old School...and proud of it!

With the emergence of MMA  I find it quite amusing when so many people tell me old school is no more..really?

Firstly our KMA schools are proudly "old School"  and yes we are MMA!

To me "Old School" is not being about a down block or a technique but rather more about "old school Values".

In a microwave age where you press the button and in 20 seconds its ready we are in serious need of old school values and for many some serious need of not only respecting the old but placing a value to them. Loyalty & Respect can and should still be everyday virtues and at the same time have the ability to "harden up".

My goal as a teacher,as a mentor is to guide all my students to toughen them up mentally and physically  with a"no give up attitude". But how do you make sure you don't get the wrong attitude developing? This is where old school values come in...visit our KMA headquarters you will find some very tough (and they look the part too) MMA fighters yet they too along side our little 4 year olds pause and pay respect when entering and leaving the training floor. It's"yes sir and Master Fari" from one and all. There is a whole lot more but you get the's all about attitude.

To me attitude is not the only thing It's EVERYTHING!

I am all for embracing the new but let's not forget the value and experience of the elderly and all the wonderful values of the past.

 Love Martial Arts....Love Life

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